Please understand that we cannot send single samples of 3D gypsum panels.

Delivery of this product is carried out by a courier service. In addition, this type of transport has a fairly high risk of damage to 3D panels. The value of such a sample is questionable when it arrives in a broken state. Finally, we are convinced that you really cannot feel the style of a room or wall with a single panel. This is also one of the reasons why we only ship a complete set of 10 square meters on a pallet packed by the manufacturer in order to minimize damage during transport. In this case, you must purchase at least 10 square meters that can fit on a pallet.

Delivery of this product is only carried out after its advance payment.

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Place your order online, contact us, then welcome to the Marbella Effect installation that will allow you to pick it up - this way you will have no transportation costs and will benefit from our ONLINE discount.

- All deliveries are carried out with the courier company UPS, DHL, DACHSER at preferential prices for customers of, including discounts compared to the carrier's standard rate.

-For orders in small towns, call to specify delivery.

- If the goods exceed 400 kg. contact us to specify the weight and the best way to deliver in favor of the customer.

- Marbella Effect also has its own transport. Please, if you want this type of service, contact us before finalizing the order to clarify delivery prices.

- allows its customers, upon receipt of the goods, to open and inspect it.

- Transport defect - in case of violation of the appearance of the goods, occurred during transport, you must contact the courier service for a PROTOCOL for damaged shipment and immediately contact us by phone.

The aforementioned PROTOCOL is prepared by the representative of the Courier company and in the presence of the User, immediately after receipt of the shipment and upon finding a transport defect.

- - delivers on the territory of France and Europe.


- will comply with all legal standards in France, which will be described in

General terms.

- The customer can return the received goods within 14 days (after receipt date), and the goods and packaging must be in the form in which they were received without any damage.

- Claims are accepted upon receipt of goods and will always be accepted for valid reason.

- The return of goods is in all cases at the expense of the customer.

Our company has its own stores and means of transport, which allows on prior agreement with us to return goods by handing them over to our truck, van or on site at one of the company's stores.

This can only be done after an initial conversation with us and clarification of how and where to deliver goods.

- The amounts paid will be refunded to customers within 10 business days after receipt date of returned goods.

The amounts will be refunded in the manner they were paid.

- The replacement of goods is as follows: contact us by phone and we will specify how it will be most convenient for you to replace the product and what you want it to be replaced with.

All replacement costs are borne by the Customer.